Sports facilities

Campo di calcio

Football fields

Football is the game par excellence. The grassy lawn is the base diu football field.
Realize in a short time the turf is the goal of anyone who wants to make a football field.
The lawn rolls allows to create soccer fields in short periods of time.
The type of lawn used for high resistance to wear and the cutting height very low.

Campo da golf

Golf courses

This sport, not so long ago reserved to an elite, is beginning to acquire popularity: relaxing and beneficial, without risk to health and virtually no contraindications, does not require preparation athletics, if not a little bit of stretching before the game or workout, you can spend a few hours in the open air and is well-suited to any age, there are schools that welcome young students from 5 years and there are no upper limits on age for its practice.
The general rule of this sport is extremely simple, this quotes: ”The game of golf consists of playing a ball from the starting area up to send her into the pit with one or more strokes, performed in accordance with the Rules”, and also: “No player or putting may make any action to influence the position or movement of a ball except in accordance with the Rules”.
In Italy there are over 300 golf courses with 18 or 9 holes, with services, facilities, and environments among the most varied ...
If you want to offer you the pleasure of relaxing with a game of Golf, the lawn rolls is the ideal solution to the realisation of your plant from golf, and we Grassy Lawn we are the Company ready to take action to its realization ...