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Get a 10% discount for you and your friends by inviting them on our site.

Ottieni tanti coupon sconto

It is fast and easy.

The Reporting Program Customer offers you the chance to give to one or more friends a coupon for 10% discount and if your friends use the coupon, you'll get a discount coupon of 10%.

The Reporting Program Customer is activated after you have made your first order

Sign in to the program from your account by clicking on PROGRAM REPORT

Programma di segnalazione in account

Just fill in name, surname and address e-mail of your friend/the

 Invita i tuoi amici

By clicking on CONFIRM, your friend or your friend will receive a Coupon for 10% Discount.

If your friends use the coupon you'll get the reward!


When one of them will 1 order using the coupon discount of 10%, you will receive a discount coupon of 10%.

Each coupon used from your friends corresponds to a coupon discount of 10% for you. Then, for every coupon that is used adds up to your account, a discount coupon of 10%.

  • The discount coupons are not combinable in the same order.

  • The discount coupon pulls down the value of the cart 10% (excluding any shipping costs if any)

  • The discount Coupon is usable only once and has no expiration date


Programma Segnalazione Clienti Prato Erboso Shop