Arkansas - little wooden House by 20.6 square metres


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Inverter for pumps, three-phase
with power supply voltage single-phase


line voltage 1 x 230 V motor voltage 3 x 230 V


1.1 Kw - 4.7 Arms

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Real houses to live in, they are constructions that can turn into real small cottage, customizable to taste, countless use possibilities for leisure, vacation, entertainment.

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BUREAUCRACY: The installation of a house implies the request to the municipal authorities. It must, therefore, be the burden and responsibility of the customer to have it done by a qualified technician requests, licenses, permits, and assensi of the administrative authorities that are required according to the standards.

INSTALLATION: The cottage must be installed on a stable base and non-deformable, in a place to raised, which allows drainage of rain water. Sheltered from the spray of any irrigation system. At the due distance of the hedges which prevent the natural transpiration of the wood. Normally the house is delivered with a medium heavy; if the packaging is intact, the house may remain on the outside any day; (maximum one week) on the condition that it is resting on a base perfectly flat. Before beginning assembly, carefully read the installation instructions; to count all the pieces using the check-list*; check that there are no broken or defective parts that could prevent the correct assembly of the house. To ensure the long life of your house is advisable, before starting assembly, apply a coat of primer (clear or very clear) on all the boards and the battens that compose it.

SAFETY: it Is recommended that the assembly adopt the individual protection equipment; safety shoes, safety gloves, protective goggles, and use with prudence and power tools, ladders and all the tools needed. Particular focus was on the children that are to be kept away from the work area until installation is completed.

MAINTENANCE: To protect and prolong the life of the cottage in the wood, correct maintenance is necessary. You are recommended to do a treatment with impregnating wax for the exterior, choosing the desired shade is between the range of colours proposed. The treatment will be repeated every time the color, lose the shades and brilliance. Periodically check the stability of the house, the tightening of the screws and the correct operation of the door and the window.

PRECAUTIONS: always Close the port after use. Never insert objects glowing like a barbecue is still warm or the coals lit.

WATERPROOFING: The house is provided of cartonfeltro reconstruction that when properly fitted, ensures a shelf life of about two/ three years, so it is better to buy, and waterproofing of the house with a cover of long duration such as bituminous shingles, onduline, sheath, slate, etc, etc, *in case of missing parts, or defective enter the number of missing next to the piece pictured in the check-list and send it to your dealer who in the shortest time possible, we will get directly to your home, the replacement necessary to complete the installation.


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