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    CP 150-ST4 - centrifugal electric Pump stainless-steel
    • CP 150-ST4 - centrifugal electric Pump stainless-steel

    CP 150-ST4 - centrifugal electric Pump stainless-steel three-phase

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    Flow up to 150 l/min (9 m3/h). Head up to 32 m. Motor 0.75 Kw (1 HP).

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    Reinforced packaging to reduce transport damage.

    After-sales assistance to the installation of the product.

    We supply all spare parts on this product.

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    It is recommended for pumping clean water and liquids chemically non aggressive to the materials making up the pump.

    For the constructive features, this centrifugal pump is recommended for use in the domestic sector, agricultural and industrial.

    All components in contact with the pumped liquid are in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L to guarantee total hygiene and maximum resistance to corrosion.

    The installation is to be carried out indoors or otherwise protected from the weather

    CP 150-ST4
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    Spare-parts CP 150-ST4

    List of parts of the two versions of the pump Pedrollo CP 150-ST4.

    Download (1.66M)

    Data sheet CP-ST

    Design and Operating Characteristics. Working Curves, limitations of use and size of the CP-ST series Pedrollo pumps.

    Download (735.52k)

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    CP 150-ST4 - centrifugal electric Pump stainless-steel three-phase
    By (Wageningen, Netherlands) on 07 Jan. 2019 (CP 150-ST4 - centrifugal electric Pump stainless-steel three-phase) :

    Danni da trasporto e nessuna reazione / Transport damage and no reaction

    La pompa è stata danneggiata durante il trasporto.
    Non c'è soluzione di Prato Erboso e nessuna reazione alle mie e-mail e reclami.

    Pump was damaged during transport.
    There is no solution by Prato Erboso and no reaction on my emails and complaints.

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    Models and performance the CP-ST

    CP 100-ST4
    CP 130-ST4
    CP 132-ST4
    CP 150-ST4
    CP 158-ST4
    CP 170-ST4
    CP 170M-ST4

    Construction characteristics of the CP-ST




    1THE BODY OF THE PUMPStainless steel AISI 304
    2COVERStainless steel AISI 304
    3IMPELLERStainless steel AISI 304
    4THE MOTOR SHAFTStainless steel AISI 431
    5MECHANICAL SEALElectric pumpSealTreeMaterials
    TypeTypeDiameterFixed ringRotating ringElastomerSpring
    CP 100-ST4AR-12Ø 12 mmCeramicGraphiteNBRAISI 304
    CP 130-ST4
    CP 132-ST4
    CP 150-ST4AR-14Ø 14 mmCeramicGraphiteNBRAISI 304
    CP 158-ST4
    CP 170-ST4FN-18Ø 18 mmGraphiteCeramicNBRAISI 316
    CP 170M-ST4
    6BEARINGSElectric pumpType
    CP 100-ST46201 ZZ / 6201 ZZ
    CP 130-ST4
    CP 132-ST4
    CP 150-ST46203 ZZ / 6203 ZZ
    CP 158-ST4
    CP 170-ST46204 ZZ / 6204 ZZ
    CP 170M-ST4
    7CAPACITORElectric pumpCapacity
    Single-phase(220-230 V or 240 V)
    CP 100-ST410 µF - 450 VL
    CP 130-ST410 µF - 450 VL
    CP 132-ST414 µF - 450 VL
    CP 150-ST420 µF - 450 VL
    CP 158-ST4
    CP 170-ST425 µF - 450 VL
    CP 170M-ST4
    8ELECTRIC MOTORCPm-ST4: single-phase 220-230 V - 50 Hz with motor protector built-in thermal winding.
    CP-ST4: three-phase 230/400 V - 50 Hz.
    ➠ The three-phase pumps are equipped with high-efficiency motors
    in class IE2 up to P2=0.55 kW IE3 from P2=0.75 kW (IEC 60034-30-1)
    – Insulation: class F
    – Protection: IP X4
    Spaccato CP-ST

    Spare parts for Pedrollo pumps

    Complete range of all parts for Pedrollo pumps. The spare parts are original and purchased at the Pedrollo.

    You can find the most common components such as mechanical seals, condensers, bearings and fans in the catalog 'Pump systems-> Pump- & gt; Spare parts for pumps'.

    In this tab of the product in the 'Parts' tab you can view the common spares associated with this product.

    You can also ask for any other component of your pump. To make a request for spare parts, consult the exploded pump that you can download from this product sheet in the 'Download' tab. Locate the component code and send us a request using the contact section.