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By Jattie V. (Bray, Ireland) on 31 Aug. 2022 :
Product rated : WR141E - Landroid M500 robot lawn mower

Everything and more it claimed to be.

The product is fantastic, everything it promised to be. It was a little tricky to get the Wi-Fi setup going, but after that was achieved using manual mode, everything worked. Initially I got an E1 error on the display, turns out I was too impatient and had to do the perimeter wire first. It just wont work without that connected.

A big bonus on delivery, I also received a free Worx leaf blower, thank you very much, it made up for all the shipping hassles. Unfortunately battery regulations even between EU countries makes shipping anything with batteries a huge pain in the you know where.

By Edwin M. (Ballymena, England) on 31 Aug. 2022 :
Product rated : WR167E - Landroid M700 robot lawn mower

Edwin Maternaghan

Delighted with the Robout mower just received. The service and communication from this supplier is outstanding. Highly recommended. I am now ordering another mower for my front lawn. Thank you.

By Sebastien D. (Varsenare, Belgium) on 29 Aug. 2022 :
Product rated : Backpacker - Repellent ThermaCELL

thermacell backpacker

Starts working after 5 minutes, works great on my outside patio!

By Hans S. (Veeningen, Netherlands) on 08 Aug. 2022 :
Product rated : Active Driver Plus T / T 3 - 7.5 A three-phase inverter

best shop for this product

This is the shop to be, very fast and correct correspondance.
Price is super and transport without comment.
Next time again.

By Stephen W. (Waterlooville, England) on 30 July 2022 :
Product rated : Millennium - Cube vase 49 cm anthracite

Not a review of product but of service

Don't know how the product is because still hasn't arrived after four weeks. Why is the list taking so long?

By Martin S. (Bratislava, Slovakia) on 25 July 2022 :
Product rated : WA0810 - Canopy for Landroid

Awesome house for my Landroid

It looks like some space stastion, nice high tech material, super !

By Thomas T. (Randalstown, Ireland) on 19 July 2022 :
Product rated : WR155E - Robot mower Landroid L2000

Fantastic garden necessity

This really is the best product I have purchased for my garden. It was really easy to set up and laying the wires was straightforward.
It connects to internet and is controllable with my smartphone. I have set up auto scheduling and it takes care of grass cutting all on it’s own.
I have a large garden, over 1,000 m2 so this is an absolute time saver. Worth every penny.

By Michael J. (Wychling, England) on 18 July 2022 :
Product rated : WA0308 - Hedge trimmer for telescopic pole

Cheaper than the UK price

Much cheaper than anyone in the UK and I did not get any additional charges, arrived in seven days, excellent service.

By Hannu I. (Akaa, Finland) on 18 July 2022 :
By Yenong G. (Newport, England) on 17 July 2022 :
Product rated : WA0308 - Hedge trimmer for telescopic pole

Well designed

Perfect for high reach and also grass trimming due to the variable angle.