Project, irrigation for lawns up to 1000 sqm View larger

Project, irrigation for lawns up to 1000 sqm


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More info

To design your irrigation system, we need a plan of your garden, preferably in AutoCad or in each case made in proportion and scale.
Send us a plan of your garden using the field above was called 'PLAN'.

You'll also need to indicate through the field of 'WATER SUPPLY' as power is supplied to the irrigation system, if through an aqueduct, or you have a well or a tank with the pump.
Indicate on the map the point where you placed the water inlet.

Then you must tell us by means of the field 'FLOW rate' how much water provides to-the-minute your water system.
To know how to take a stopwatch and a container and placed near the water inlet.
Open the outlet and start the stopwatch for one minute.
When the timing marks for a minute then close the flow.
The amount of water poured in the container represents the flow rate expressed in litres/min.
For example, if in the container there are 60 litres of water, the flow rate is 60 litres/min.

We will study the plan and the data you send to us in order to create an irrigation system full-coverage, perfect for your garden.

The areas to accomplish will be resized according to the water supply you have indicated.

The project we will send you via email.

You will also receive the list of necessary materials to the realization of your irrigation system.


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