KIT-AQ-BLU - Humidity sensor and control system kit
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KIT-AQ-BLU - Humidity sensor and control system kit

AQUABLU sensor and IRRISENSOR device.


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KIT-AQ-BLU - Humidity sensor and control system kit
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Aquablu and Irrisensor (Kit Aquablu) transform any automatic irrigation system into an intelligent system, which adjusts the programming according to the humidity read at the roots of the plants.

It also prevents the plant from working until the soil around the roots reaches the limit humidity level above which the plants wither, consequently the soil, drying up, oxygenates in a natural way.

The system will therefore also regulate itself according to the season and the external temperature.

The alternation of the state of the soil will ensure effective oxygenation of the same and will stimulate the growth of the roots of the plants making them healthier and more resistant.

By avoiding over-irrigation, Aquablu and Irrisensor can save significant amounts of water, reducing percolation and evaporation.

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