Sirio - 9.7 A single-phase / three-phase inverter View larger

Sirio - 9.7 A single-phase / three-phase inverter


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Inverter for 230 V three-phase pumps up to 3 HP with single-phase power supply

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The Sirio is an electronic device that controls the starting and stopping of an electric pump based on inverter technology.

It is able to modulate the frequency (Hz) of the current that reaches the motor in order to vary the number of revolutions per minute according to the demand for water by the user.

This system guarantees constant pressure for the uses and energy savings, since the motor absorption will always be proportionate to the user's request.

The application of Sirio is foreseen on electric pumps with three-phase motor and single-phase power supply, obtaining the performance, reliability and sturdiness of three-phase motors in the domestic environment, where in most cases, the power supply is single-phase.


Constant pressure and energy saving thanks to the regulation of the electric pump revolutions. Gradual starting and stopping of the pump that reduce water hammer and eliminate inrush current at start-up. Dry running protection in case of lack of water in the suction. Automatic reset in case of stop due to dry running, able to independently resolve the error condition. Effective leakage control to protect the pump from continuous restarts. Digital pressure indication on the display. Amperometric control of the motor. Signaling of the various operating / error states by means of light indicators and messages on the display. Operation in twin groups with alternation. Double remote control set-point. Remote start and stop of the electric pump. Reversal of the direction of rotation via software avoiding interventions on the wiring. Removable electrical terminals to facilitate wiring.


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