Summer Winter - Ferilizzante for lawn 2 Kg View larger

Summer Winter - Ferilizzante for lawn 2 Kg


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In order to promote growth.

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Improver, 100% HUMIC DG™ from a base of Leonardite.

It is a formulation that improves the structure of the ground and favoring the movement of air and water: in the sandy soils is not washed out and promotes the absorption of all the nutrients administered to the lawn.

Improves the fertility of the soil, and brings bacteria and stimulates the activity, brings and makes available in the form chelated macro and micro elements to the plant, favoring its absorption, and brings organic forms of carbon to slow the sale.

Brings to the meadow fulvic acids, which are absorbed by the roots to stimulate root activity and the formation of new cells and tissues radicals.

Promotes root growth and the regeneration of the root system of turf to be stressed. Increases the metabolism and the immune system of the plant against fungi and insects.

Homogeneous particle size and uniform grains of 2-3 mm, dry, dust-free, odourless, easy to deploy with the shopping cart or manually. Fast solubility: thanks to the technology DG™ each granule with a few mm of water scatters 24.000 particles covering homogeneously the treated surface.


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Scheda tecnica

Caratteristiche essenziali
Utilizzo e dosaggio
The period of usePre-winter
The period of usePre-Summer
Dosage15-40 gr / m2
Composizione chimica o organica
Humic acids100%
Dimensioni e peso
Weight kg)2

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