Summer K 10-0-30 - Fertilizer for the lawn 10 Kg View larger

Summer K 10-0-30 - Fertilizer for the lawn 10 Kg


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Anti-stress summer and winter.

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The new fertilizer summer lawn Summer K 10-0-30 of Bottos is characterized by a fraction of nitrogen completely to transfer scheduled and a fraction potassica all the salt Sulphate. The Potassium (K) has the functions of anti-stress summer, thanks to its action strengthened on the plant tissues, as well as giving the vegetation a greater tolerance to major stress during the summer.

The fraction of nitrogen, the whole covered with Polyon, facilitates its use during hot periods, avoiding the growth of impact and the susceptibility to fungal diseases. The Polyon transfers within 90 days of the 10 units of nitrogen, in a constant manner, without releasing extra nitrogen. The Summer K 10-0-30 is indicated for fertilization pre-summer and early autumn.the presence of Potassium (K) in assignment meddiata and at a fraction of the Nitrogen (N) to transfer programmed completely surrounded by Polyon.

And' advisable to use it 2-3 weeks before the hot summer. The high content of Potassium (K) helps to confer a greater resistance to the collar and to the apparatuses foliar to heat stress. Distribute in dose of 25 to 35 gr per sq.

The POLYON is a methodology to transform the nitrogen to be readily available in the form of a sale scheduled and it consists in the winding of the granules of urea to be part of a polymer covered by industrial secret. It is an innovative product of the Agrium Advance, a leader in the world for the development and the production of fertilizers controlled-release. The Polyon coating is a polymer that chemically bond to the granules of fertilizer, and thanks to the system, RLC-the patented Coating Layers Reactive) ensures the release of nutrients for up to 12-16 weeks from the application due to the diffusion and osmotic in the solution of the soil, solely controlled by temperature. The based Fertilizer Polyon ensure total control of the release of the nutritive elements while avoiding the annoying spikes of growth typical of the period post-application, allowing a reduction of fertilization during the year, impacting positively in the saving of materials, working hours and equipment.

Period of use



Scheda tecnica

Caratteristiche essenziali
ReleaseScheduled transfer
Utilizzo e dosaggio
The period of usePre-winter
The period of usePre-Summer
Dosage30-50 gr / m2
Composizione chimica o organica
Nitrogen (N)10%
Oxide of potassium (K)30%
Sulfur trioxide25%
Dimensioni e peso
Weight kg)2

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