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    Bioturbo - Greening fertilizer for the lawn of 10 Kg
    • Bioturbo - Greening fertilizer for the lawn of 10 Kg

    Bioturbo - Greening fertilizer for the lawn of 10 Kg

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    NPK 14-0-5 + 2Fe fertilizer with rock flour with a greening effect from the Herbatech Green Up line.

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    Greening fertilizer for the annual maintenance of the lawn.

    Color and health guaranteed all year round. Bioturbo is the greening action fertilizer for the maintenance of the lawn, ideal for lawns cut with Robot (frequent cutting) and mulching, that is when the cutting residues are left on the lawn.

    Thanks to the micro-granule containing iron, Bioturbo induces an intense green color of the grass, already 5-6 days after distribution, and maintains its effectiveness on the color for about 45 days. The micro-granule also contains a special volcanic rock flour rich in micro elements such as silicon, calcium and magnesium, which increase the elasticity of the leaves and the speed of healing of cuts.

    This special technology (ROBOLAWN technology), allows to have a grass with an erect posture, which rises immediately after the passage of the Robot or the cutting machines and which does not darken on the tips after cutting. Bioturbo is based on collagen, naturally rich in organic carbon, essential for the activity of bacterial microflora. Collagen slowly releases nutrients and accompanies the growth of the lawn, without inducing growth spikes and therefore without requiring continuous cuts.

    Bioturbo dissolves easily, without risk of burns, it is safe for the user, children and pets.

    Used every time you use the Robot lawn mower, used with mulching and in any case you want to have a strong and healthy lawn!

    How to use:

    Distribute on a dry grassy surface, irrigating for about 10 minutes after each application. Avoid contact of the product with pavements or other areas made of marble, stone or concrete. In case of accidental loss, brush the wrongly treated surface well.

    Dose of use:

    Turf (maintenance): 40 g / m2; 1 bag of 10 kg up to about 250 square meters

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    Bioturbo - Greening fertilizer for the lawn of 10 Kg

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