Super Turf 24-6-9 Mini Prills - Fertilizer for the lawn 25 Kg View larger

Super Turf 24-6-9 Mini Prills - Fertilizer for the lawn 25 Kg


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The Fertilizer MINI SUPER TURF 24-6-9 is characterized by the presence of N-release programmed based POLYON a percentage of 88% and a fraction nitrogenous readily available.

The added value of this fertilizer is the size of the granule in mini-format, that is between 1.4 mm and 1.8 mm that allows the use in lawns of high quality and green areas maintenance intensive.

This high quality fertilizer for strictly professional is suitable for application in spring and late summer to recover quickly the turf after winter or after a hot summer.

The importance of the N wrapped in an important way from Polyon allows a prolonged action of the fertilizer up to 3 months. The MINI SUPER TURF 24-6-9 is a fertilizer suitable for turf for sports and ornamental where the quality characteristics of the product in terms of grain size are highly appreciated.

Period of use



Scheda tecnica

Caratteristiche essenziali
ReleaseScheduled transfer
Utilizzo e dosaggio
The period of useSummer end
The period of useSpring
Dosage25-35 grams per sq m
Composizione chimica o organica
Nitrogen (N)24%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P)6%
Oxide of potassium (K)9%
Sulfur trioxide14%
Dimensioni e peso
Weight kg)25

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