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    Pratens - Festuca Poa and Lolium 25 gardening bio mat
    • Pratens - Festuca Poa and Lolium 25 gardening bio mat
    • Pratens - Festuca Poa and Lolium 25 gardening bio mat
    • Pratens - Festuca Poa and Lolium 25 gardening bio mat

    Pratens - Classic lawn biomat 25 sq m


    Festuca Arundinacea, Poa Pratense, Lolium Perenne.

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    Easy and ecological VIRESCO ® is a revolutionary tool created to make the new sowing of the lawn simpler and more effective for both professionals and hobbyists.

    It is a pre-seeded felt completely of natural origin and totally biodegradable in about 4 months, green, very light (50 m² weigh about 10 kg!), Elastic (3 mm thick!), It adheres perfectly to the ground.

    The plot contains seeds of the most varied turf species protected from rain and impetuous irrigation, birds and insects.

    The seeds are suitable for different environmental and climatic situations and are associated with granular fertilizers for a better initial settlement, all of first quality and dosed with the utmost precision to avoid harmful excesses or deficiencies.

    The result will be a healthy, dense lawn with better weed control.

    With VIRESCO ® there are no seed losses due to excessive depth as often happens in traditional sowing.

    It offers excellent results even on the steepest terrains and protects against leaching and soil erosion.
    VIRESCO ® adheres to the ground like a protective film ensuring the arrest of surface erosion from the moment of installation. Subsequently, it allows the effective establishment of the lawn and only subsequently biodegrades totally.

    Also suitable for banks of canals and ponds, hanging gardens.

    The use of VIRESCO ® considerably reduces the work in sowing new lawns.

    The installation system is very simple:

    • the soil is prepared by completely removing the pre-existing herbs from the root and turning the first 5/10 cm upside down, crumbling the large structure and leveling the surface.
    • The biofelter is then spread by making it adhere to the ground and irrigated regularly until the complete emergence of the turf.
    • On flat ground, irrigation water is usually sufficient to fix VIRESCO ® , but to give it greater stability or in sloping situations, it is advisable to anchor it with our light steel U nails or pegs.
    • VIRESCO ® is easily modeled with simple scissors.

    Stored dry inside its own packaging nylon it has a shelf life of over 1 year.

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    Data sheet

    Festuca arundinacea (%)
    Poa pratense (%)
    Ryegrass, perennial (%)

    Specific References


    Pratens technical sheet

    Technical characteristics and dimensions of the Viresco Pratens pre-seeded biotextile.

    Download (1.47M)

    Viresco technical sheet

    Technical specifications and indications for laying the Viresco della Virens pre-sown biodegradable fabric.

    Download (1.63M)