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ETOX 20/20 CE - 250 ml bottle


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Packaging: bottle of insecticide 250 ml
Insecticide: ETO X 20/20 EC emulsifiable concentrate ultra-low toxicity.
0,5-1% diluted in the water against flying insects 1-2% diluted in the water against crawling insects

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Insecticide emulsifiable concentrate ultra-low toxicity-based Employments for domestic use, civil and professional, fast effect and long residual action.

Acts by contact or ingestion.
Retains the characteristics and strengths of the pyrethroids with a better ecological profile.

The ETO X 20/20 CE has the characteristic of being effective against a broad spectrum of insects both flying crawling.

The tetrametrin gives a rapid effect on killing and plain, shutters while the Piperonil butosido synergises both the active ingredients.

It lends itself to the treatment of urban areas, boulevards and city parks, suburban areas, tourist villages, campsites, private and public buildings such as hospitals, hotels, schools, shops, cinemas and barracks, means of transport, such as buses, trains, planes, and ships, industrial areas, deposits of waste, textile and paper.
It is recommended to use also in farm buildings, the stables, the kitchens, bars, restaurants, canteens, and food-processing industries such as dairies, cheese factories, butcher shops, warehouses, silos empty and tabacchifici.
It is recommended that they also use to eradicate pests in the garden in bushes, lawns, hedges, avenues of trees and ornamental plants.


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