Eagle 900 - Sprinkler concealed range 29.6 metres
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Eagle 900 - Sprinkler concealed range 29.6 metres

Riser height 8.3 cm. Working angle of 360 degrees.


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Eagle 900 - Sprinkler concealed range 29.6 metres
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• The templates enclosed to better protect the internal mechanism from debris.
• Mechanism of the turbine lubrifi ed water.
• The unique washing action keeps the substance in suspension away from the internal components.
• Maintenance from the top.
• Heavy duty return spring for the return of the turret.
• Model full-circle and segment variable (up to 345°)
• Solenoid valve built-in.
• Pressure regulator adjustable from the top. Pre-set from the factory at 5.5 bar.
• The model 950 have 4 snorkels cascade (18 to 24) for uniformity and optimum 4 mouthpieces standard (26 to 32)
•”TSRS™”: (Filter Rock Screen™) accessible from the top that allows you to remove the debris from the installation or due to deposits in the time.


  • Operating pressure: 4.1 to 6.9 bar
  • Flow: 4,43 to 13,49 m3/h
  • Range for EAGLE™ 900: 19.2 to 29.6 m
  • Range for EAGLE™ 950: 21.3 to 28 m
  • The trajectory of the mouthpiece: 25°
  • Maximum height of the jet: 6.1 m
  • Attack fi threaded female 1”1/2 ACME


  • Solenoid: 24 Vac - 50 hz
  • Inrush current: 0,41 A (9,9 VA)
  • Power consumption: 0.30 A (7,2 VA)


Body height: 34 cm
Lifting height: 8.3 cm
Upper diameter: 21 cm

Data sheet
Rain Bird
Type of attack
female / female
Attack size
1 "
Max range (m)
Water consumption max. (l / min)
Angolo di lavoro
Non-drinking water indicator
Vandal-proof device
Check valve

Rain Bird Eagle Brochure

Rain Bird Eagle Sprinkler Brochure.

Download (258.39KB)

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